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How do you shop at

New clients must register first via the register form to obtain authorisation to view the full gallery of Designs. After you confirm your email address, our administrator will review your profile, and contact you if necessary by phone or email, to approve or deny your account to have full access to the online gallery. Once approved you will receive a short email with your login details.

Are all designs exclusive to our brand once purchased?

Absolutely. Once the purchase has been made and the payment received in full, the design will immediately be taken down off our website and/or social media pages and you will be sent the file which will be owned by you exclusively.

How can you guarantee that each design is exclusive?

Our print library is password protected to ensure that each design is only viewed by potential clients. Once a design is purchased and payment is received in full, the design will be taken off the website and/or any social media applications. 

Is each design copyrighted?

Once purchased we pass over ownership and the design becomes exclusive to the purchaser. Copyright is the responsibility of the purchaser.

How to find exactly what I am looking for?

1. Use the sub-categories ANIMAL, TROPICAL, PAISLEY, COLOURS etc,
2. Scroll down the artwork clicking on the stars to add to your WISHLIST
3. Review the designs in your WISHLIST by clicking the WISHLIST.
4. View individual designs up close by clicking on the design in your WISHLIST.
5. Once you have found a design you would like to purchase click add to cart.

How do I receive the design?

 All designs come in a PSD file, in repeat, colour separated or as required.  Once payment has been processed your design will be uploaded to your provided email address via we transfer, an online file sharing website which allows us to easily send large files securely. If you require a hard copy of the artwork on disk, we can arrange for that to be sent to you. Please see SHIPPING section at checkout for further details.

I would like my design in Repeat?

The majority of our range is designed in repeat. Look out for IN REPEAT on your design to confirm the design will come in repeat once purchased. If this is not found in the design description we offer the service to put your design into Repeat at an additional fee. 

I would like my design in Colour Separation?

The Majority of our our range is designed and then colour separated making it easier for our clients to work with their purchase. Look out for COLOUR SEPARATED and the amount of colours listed in the description section of your print. If this is not found in the description, please contact us to discuss if it is possible to colour separate your chosen design. 

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